Further Shielding


By being on this site, it is assumed that you know the basics of shielding. You have created bubble shields, and mirror shields. That is not what this article is about. This article is about more advanced shields. I'll be talking about 3 different classes of shields; cloaking, chaos, and thread. You may not understand everything that is going on. That's okay, keep in mind that this is some really advanced stuff we're doing.

We’ll start with the most common; the cloaking shield. There are two basic types of cloaking shields, the shields meant to cloak your signature, and one is meant to make you fade into the background. Cloaking your signature is quite easy, however many people don’t understand it. First, you have to find your signature. This is the simplest thing in the world, but many people still have trouble grasping it. Your signature is everything that is you. Once you have found it, create a shield around yourself that keeps you from getting out. It’s a bit like a mirror shield, but facing inwards.

The other form is a bit more complicated. To do it you will have to be able to do telepathic suggestion. Using telepathic suggestion, you will create a bubble shield that either broadcasts the thought ‘I’m not here’ or the image of some boring object, such as a bush, or a tree. You must keep the broadcast going or your illusion will fall apart. This shield has many possibilities, in many situations. It is quite versatile, and can be adapted very easily, because the programming is very open.

Our second class is called the chaos shield. These shields are very complicated. They are not appropriate for newbies. You’ll need to be able to hold a handful of programs in your mind (the absolute minimum is three), and do some complex programming. These constructs (yes constructs they are really more than one). Come up with three different constructs. For this exercise they can be anything, however in real life they should be different sorts of mirror shields, and other protective shields. Create the first shield. Make sure that its programming is finished and everything is done. Your construct should be totally finished. Now you will smash it into pieces. Each panel will keep the programming of the original shield, so you will have shards of psi floating around you. Do the same with the other layers. Now you will program them to spin around you. Once you get the hang of that, you can program it to fly around faster, and to shoot around randomly. At least it will seem random for you; however the constructs will be following a calculable path, although it’s quite complicated. When they begin going this fast you will need to program each panel to be aware of each other panel, and to keep them from hitting each other. By doing this you have united three shields into one huge swirling vortex.

The last one is one that few have ever heard about. It is called a thread shield*. You will need to be able to hold the programming of three constructs in your mind at the same time. Now, instead of creating whole shields, you create ‘strands’ of shield. You may color code them according to what they mean, for ease of repair. Take each strand and weave them into a ‘basket’ around you. This will provide strength to your shield. Once you start doing it this way, you’ll be amazed how fragile your previous shields will feel.

Advancing your shielding is not an easy task, but it is important. If you stop at the beginner stage you won’t be protected. The more advanced your psionic practices, the more energy you will stir up, and this will draw the attention of creatures that you won’t want to mess with. If you can’t shield you won’t be able to protect yourself.

“Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.” ~Author Unknown

*This shield is from PsiOnline

Chaos Shield: Multiple shields that are split into panels, that then zoom around a psion in seemingly random patterns. This is done for disorientation purposes only.
Cloaking Shield: This covers two different types of shields. 1) A shield programmed to cover your signature, or 2) A shield programmed to hide your physical body.
Mirror Shield: A little more complicated than the bubble shield, still fairly simple though. It is a shield designed to deflect incoming hostile energy signals and emotions. Simple.
Signature: Your psionic ‘identity.’ This is used for scanning, sending constructs to the person, and in linking.
Telepathic suggestion: the use of telepathy to influence the thoughts or actions of another individual.