Welcome to Psionic Visionaries!

Hello! Welcome to Psionic Visionaries! This is your Webmaster, ILuvEire.

This site was created with you in mind. It was made for people who have gotten past that first psiball. They've made a shield. They've left that 'awkward newbie' phase, but don't know where to continue...That is where this site comes in! You have gotten past being a 'n00b' and are looking for something more advanced. There are plenty of Advanced sites, and (in my opinion) too many beginner's sites, but I haven't seen an intermediate site. This site is for those of you in 'threshold psionics' as I have dubbed it. You know the path might be hard, and that it won't be totally paved for you, as it was when you had just started. You have advanced to the point where -if you work hard enough- you can become a real, psionic visionary.

So...where do you start? We have articles, a news section and a glossary or maybe you would like to join the forum? Take your pick! Allow me to give you a quick tour of the site. On your left, you will see the navigation bar. It contains links all over the site. Beneath that is a monthly poll, and beneath that, there is a section welcoming you in 19 different languages! Right below me you will see the latest updates/site news. If you find any mistakes or broken links go to the staff section and email me your question (or you could just post it on the forums).

Thank you for visiting us!

We are in the process of switching forums. Bear with me though, because there are some very nice, new features such as:

-More smilies! They are also on the right hand side, not along the top.
-Many of the emoticons look different.
-It's very easy to add images. You don't have to run off and shrink the picture down, then generate a URL etc. Just go right beneath the part where you put your text in, and it says Arrow Add image to post. It'll be an attachment, so it wont clog up the forum.
-There will be a poll section at the bottom of each post. If you don't want to make a poll, then you can just ignore the box.

If you have any questions about how to use Takeforum, read the FAQ, or post on the Website Help board on the forum.

The site should be totally done with layout/server/colour/forum changes no later than February 20th, however I'm shooting to get done much earlier.

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The site has got a new address! It is: www.psivisionaries.co.nr. Many thanks to this wonderful site.

CO.NR Free Domain

You may be asking, "what does this mean?" This means that now you can reach us at both sites. psionicvisionaries.blogspot.com is still a valid address so you don't have to change your bookmarks, however the new address is much easier to remember (and shorter too).

For now I may keep it this way, but in the future I may move the whole site to www.psivisionaries.co.nr .