Micro Psychokinesis

You have heard of Psycho(or tele)kinesis of course? Psychokinesis (PK) is divided into two very distinct branches: Micro, and Macro. Macro PK is the psychokinesis familiar to most: the psi wheel, levitation, and force bubbles. Micro PK affects chance. Micro PK is PK on a small scale (that's what it's name means), it is used to effect the role of dice, or the numbers coming up on a random number generator. No one really knows what makes pk work, let alone micro pk. This skill is used very often when gambling [I don't like/endorse gambling; it's just an example!]. It is used to affect the role of dice, and which cards will come up. Anything involving dice, cards, or coin flipping are wonderful practise situations. For some reason micro pk is not a skill taught often, however it seems to be the easiest to practise. The situations are everywhere, you just need to look.

Micro pk is something that takes a bit of work. To even notice it takes work. First, get doubt out of your mind. If you are doubting, it will not work. Even if it does work, you wont notice it. Another common problem is, people stop practising, because they don't think they are getting results. People, PAY ATTENTION! Things are happening that you are not seeing. If you sit there and doubt yourself, when something happens it is 'just coincidence.' If you look back, that is what this skill is: affecting chance. So yes it is just a coincidence, but it is coincidence that you have affected. Do you see?

Practising Micro PK
Coin Toss Method
This is the most simple method, because it only has two outcomes. It will be heads or it will be tails. It's not going to turn into a purple chicken...

We will set this up like a scientific experiment. You will need the following materials: Paper, Pen/Pencil, and a Coin.
First: Flip your coin 10 times. Document the results on your paper.
Second: Choose a target (heads or tails).
Third: Focus. Not trying to sound like your guru, but "become one" so to speak with your coin.
Fourth: While focusing, flip your coin while trying to force your target number. Repeat 10 times, and document.
If you are more than about 75% correct, good job you did it! This is a simple one to figure out the percentages. You can do it hundreds of times, then figure out your average very simply.

Dice Method
This method is slightly harder than the coin method. There are 6 possible outcomes, rather than just 2. It follows the same method, however you need to do quite a few more repetitions. I prefer to do it 30 times. This one is more accurate, because of the more possible outcomes.

Card Method
Many people don't like this method because, if we follow the trend (possible outcomes x 5)then you should do this 260 times. This does seem a little ridiculous. So I do it 50 times (your probably going to want to set aside an afternoon for this).
First: Choose your target card. Take it out. Study it. Burn it into your mind. Make sure it doesn't have any weird symbols, or it's bent or anything. Make sure that this card looks the same as all of the other cards.
Second: Now stick it into a random place in the deck and shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. The whole time you're shuffling focus on bring the target card to the top.
Third: Deal out the cards and see how long it take for you to get to the target card.

Do it 50 times, then figure out your percentage. If it's over 75% then you have most likely done it!