“Precognition - Knowledge of a future event or situation, E.S.P.[Extrasensory Preception.] through extrasensory means.” – Definition from

Precognitions…Some other names for it are Precog, Premonitions, Foresight, and Foreseeing. Everyone has heard about this skill in some form or another, and it used to be widely believed. Now people have a scientific mind that is too closed and won’t accept the possibility. Precog is a great, but scary ability to have, and yet almost everyone has a little bit of the ability practiced or not. If you are not very skilled in precognition and/or not practicing it, then more then likely it will manifest itself through dreams. It can either be Audio, Video, Touch, Smell, or just pure thoughts. My earlier ones, my better ones, had almost all of them. I'm guessing that since you're reading this article that you're wanting to know the how to part of it. Precog, even for those who it comes naturally to, is a complicated skill that will take months, if not years, of practice to do well enough to be able to make it out.

First I would suggest clearing your mind completely, you might have trouble with this if you are A.D.D. or A.D.H.D., but it IS possible. After you have cleared your mind and you are at a completely relaxing mental state, then you can charge. After you are done charging, visualize, and send the psi into your head*. Now that you have a steady stream of psi directed towards your head, Ask yourself a question that you want answered that can be answered in the future, or tell yourself what you want to see in the future. Keep sending the psi. Whatever you do don't TRY to see something. if you get something it'll come to YOU, you don't go to IT. If you try to see something you're imagination will kick in and overlay what you should be seeing. When you finally get a visual, audible, touch....ial..., a thought or a smell, don't forget to write it down. more then likely it will take a while for it to happen if it does. Don't just stick with one precog and wait for it to come true, keep practicing with many and see how many of them come true.

Advice: For beginners, you might want to start by instead of just clearing your mind and sitting there with your eyes closed, you might want to get to the part about asking yourself a question and then go to sleep. It gives you more elaborate information, trouble is if you're just beginning you'll have to use your own judgment to separate the precog from the dream.

*Note: I've read that sending it to the crown of your head has the best effects, of this I am not positive, because everytime I do it I send it to my forehead and use the back of my eyelids as a movie screen.

Q. Should I trust precog?

A. Not 100% if you’re first starting out don’t trust them at all, just write them down forget about them(so you don’t accidentally make it come to be through wanting it to be right) and wait for them to happen, if they don’t just try again if they do, then that’s great, unless you don’t want it to happen then at least you did precog right.

Q. Should I tell people?

A. That’s up to you. If you think what you saw needs to be changed, you trust what you saw, and you know the person you tell wont think you’re crazy, or you can convince them your not then, yeah.

Q. How do you know you're not daydreaming when having a precog?

A. This one is a hard one to determine, but once you think about it it shouldn’t be much trouble. Daydreaming you sit and think about, with precog it just comes to you once you call it.

Q. Should I write down my dreams?

A. Yes. Find a little notebook that nobody’s gonna use, or make a document on your computer and write them down with a date and time to refer back to.

Q. What are the dangers to precog?

A. The dangers to precog are that you could see something you really didn’t want to see, or that you go to change what you saw and you make it worse, or you possibly cause it. That’s why you do extensive precognition sessions with yourself to get all the facts about why and how that something happened.

Q. Is the future in motion or is it fixed?

A. People have different opinions of this, but personally I believe it is in motion. If you couldn’t change what’s in the future once you know it then technically you wouldn’t have a choice you would be MADE to make the same decision you would have if you hadn’t seen it.

Q. Help! I foresaw my death! what do I do?

A. Simple Answer: Pray and try to prevent it. Extended Answer: PRAY,PRAY,PRAY, do your precog sessions afore mentioned, and try to prevent it. Now here’s my question. Why were you trying to see it?

Q. Will you go foresee my future?

A. I wont unless It’s a dire situation, or I get paid….and unless I know you in real life then I can’t get paid.

Q. What is Déjà vu?

A. Déjà vu has a simple explanation….it’s just a funny French word. But really Déjà vu is just part of your brain working faster then the other part. And things seem like “I’ve seen this before” “I’ve heard this before” or something along those lines.

Q. How does it differ from precog?

A. (read above explanation), and precog is you reaching out and seeing the future.