There are many different techniques to meditating. Some have you clear you mind totally, and just pretty much zone out, some have you thinking about what you’re about to be doing, and some have you thinking about various things, and yet another has you think about nothing in particular and have you just focus on the images on the back of your eyelids. The last is my personal favorite just because it works for me. I will try to go into as much detail as I can with each of these. Some people don’t think meditation is worth the time and effort; this is because they don’t have enough patience to get any results or they have never tried it. The reason behind meditating is to calm your mind so that your mind is not wondering “Hmmmm, I wonder what’s for dinner.” while you’re trying to focus on creating a psi-ball or trying to accomplish some psychokinesis.

Technique 1: Sit down, get comfortable, close you eyes, and relax. After you’ve done those three steps which you pretty much have to do in every meditation then you move on to the next part. Next, you have to just clear your mind in whatever way you can. Think about nothing. Just sit there and don’t think….I honestly have no idea on earth how that method works but some claim it does so who am I to contradict what they say works for them?

Technique 2: Sit down, get comfortable, close you eyes, and relax. Focus only on what you are about to do nothing else if any outside thoughts enter your head let them go. Think about what you’re about to do and how you’re going to do it. Think about any passed experiences if there are any, if you failed think about WHY you failed, if you succeeded, think about the steps you went through to accomplish your success.

Technique 3: Sit down, get comfortable, close you eyes, and relax. Now forget everything that has happened to you and all other thoughts if possible. Now to fill your head with new thoughts so your mind doesn’t wonder. Focus on the backs of your eyelids and watch all the different colors that are their normally cause by outside light shining through at certain levels of brightness. Occasionally think about what those colors look like, like you would watch the clouds go by, but don’t start daydreaming about something those colors that look like something might do, instead, look at the next set of colors.

That’s it for the meditation section. If you have tried all of these and none worked for you try something you made up or find a technique that you’ve read about online. Whatever works for you…..Works for you. Don’t let anyone EVER tell you that something in psionics HAS to be done a certain way or it won’t work if it actually works for you, and don’t only limit that to meditation. If you’re wondering how long and how often you should meditate, that is solely up to you. If you’re wondering when you should do it, just do it whenever you feel like it, whenever you can, or whenever your trying to hold your temper, I believe that counting to ten and back when you’re angry is a primitive form of meditation.