So What's Up with Psi, Chi, and Qi?

Yes they are the same, but then again they do have large differences. They are all energy of course. The energy is just accessed in a different way, and each one has a distinct feeling.

Qi/Ki is Japanese, and Chi is Chinese. Ki, and Qi are essentially pronounced the same and Chi is pronounced like Chee but with the tongue in a slightly different place.

Chi and Ki seem to both be more physical than Psi, but more spiritual as well. They are both associated with Martial Arts, Feng Shui, and many Chinese philosophies. This is the definition of Ki from

There is a lot of discussion about ki, as though it is some kind of mysterious force. But actually, everyone has experienced ki in their life. And we can all learn to increase our ki power.
Ki can be thought of as positive thinking, belief in yourself, faith, confidence, or a state of mind/body unification. You have used ki quite naturally many times in your life, at those moments when something totally captured your interest and imagination. It may have been while you were playing a sport, working late into the morning on a project that was important to you, playing with your child, or simply spending time with someone you love.

Ki involves trying to get into an altered state of mind, to do your work. This doesn’t mean drugs, just a meditative state.

Psi is another form of energy, that is accessed in yet another different way. We all know this, quite secular, form of energy work to be the one where you create shields and complex constructs, beyond that of ki where you just take energy and say ‘’turn over that cup.‘’ Psi is also much more mental, teaching Telepathy and Empathy, not something your average ki practitioner works with. Many psions look at psi as something scientific, whereas ki is very spiritual to the point of just welcoming the Fluff in. has this to say about the nature of psi:

Some argue that psi is the byproduct of the fuctioning of the nervous system, and that it has electromagnetic properties. Others disagree with that saying that psi is a process of the soul. We here at the Psionic Dojo are remaining impartial to these until we conduct our own original research studies and come up with a conclusion. Still though, we are leaning towards the idea that psi has some electromagnetic properties.

What is the nature of energy? Does it not like to be manipulated? This, is why I think that there are so many different forms of energy work. Every culture has its own way of manipulation.


Qi/Ki/Chi- Another form of energy work that is more spiritual, as well as more physical than psi.