Recharging Methods

For beginners you may notice that after making a nice strong shield, you find that as soon as you’re done…you’re out of energy. So what do you do to get the energy back?
In this article I will outline methods I use to get more energy when practicing psionics.

Before Practicing Psionics
There are general practices used for a while by every psion, until they have found adequate ways to have enough energy. I like to use them before doing anything that requires using large amounts of psi.
Charging: The general way to charge is by filling your body with psi. My method is, I keep as much psi as I can hold in my abs, then make it pulse, and as it pulses it goes a little farther out from my abs each pulse. Once it’s pulsing throughout my whole body, I let it pulse for a little bit. Then begin pouring more and more psi into my body. Once my body is full of psi…I add a bit more. I am now ready to practice psionics!

After Practicing Psionics
You can use all, or some of these methods. Maybe you would like to use one if you’re just a little tired, or use more if you’re just totally drained!
Orange Juice: This is probably the most overlooked recharging method. Orange Juice has Vitamin C, and many of your B Vitamins. See, many artificially made energy bills/bars/drinks etc. have either a lot of vitamins (b and c), sugar, or caffeine (or maybe a combination of the two). C and b are the ‘power house vitamins.’
Workout: Do a few sit ups, to get the blood, and ultimately the psi, pumping. Maybe try some stretches and do a couple of jumping jacks, or some other cardio.
Have a Snack: Avoid caffeine, and foods high in sugar. These will make you hyper, then make you more tired than before. Fruit is a good choice because it’s healthy, and full of natural sugar (which digests slower, giving you longer lasting energy).
Napping: It replenishes your energy and makes you feel better all around. The suggested time should be 30-45 minutes. If you sleep longer than that you will get into a deeper sleep, and if you wake up during this sort of sleep, you’ll feel more groggy than before. Too much shorter, and you may as well have just closed your eyes.
Charging: After you are done doing one or more of these you may want to charge before returning to psionic practice. Even if you don’t go back to practicing it is still helpful to charge. This will push psi, and energy through your body.

Don’t stress yourself. If you start feeling tired or sick, stop. I don’t care how many of these you use, if you get burned out, you still won’t be able to practice for a bit. All of my ideas are meant to help you get back lost energy, not keep you from sleeping or anything! A good night’s sleep is always the best choice.
Charging: Filling your body with psi, usually done in preparation to energy work.