Telepathic Suggestion Manual

I Warnings
II Introduction
III Preparation
IV Beginning Telepathic Suggestion
V Furthering Your Telepathic Suggestion Career
VI Conclusion

I Warnings
Nothing is 100 % safe, and telepathic suggestion is no exception! There are two big dangers with telepathic suggestion:
1) When you link incorrectly the thoughts you send them may rebound back on you causing overload.
2) Overworking your mind because telepathic suggestion tires you out really fast, and no one likes migraines!

II Introduction
This is a manual that will outline the basics of telepathic suggestion. I will have techniques, and many more tidbits of information throughout.

What Telepathic Suggestion Does
Telepathic suggestion is when you send information to other people (such as orders) that their subconscious tells them to do. Of course, this is only my take on it. Many people have speculated as to how it works, however I have no concrete information. The only fact I have for you is that it works! You can create forced hallucinations (making people see things that aren’t there or making people not see things that are there) you can use it to make people ignore you, it can even be used to force people to do things (to an extent).

What Telepathic suggestion Doesn’t Do
You can’t make someone your slave, you can’t make illusions, and you can’t make yourself invisible. So sorry, but that’s how life is.

III Preparation
What You Need
There are a few skills you will need to know to practice telepathic suggestion. You’ll need to be quite good at telepathy (obviously, no need to explain). You will also need to be able to do complex programming and know how to make a good shield (to prevent thoughts from rebounding back if you link badly).

Who You Need
You must have a subject. I find that animals seem to make the best subjects. There is also something called the subconscious (hopefully you’ll have heard of it before, if not you may want to read about it then come back to this article). This is needed because generally I am the instructions to the subconscious so that it seems that they do the said task on their own. I’ll explain farther into the article.

Things You Can Do Without
Don’t think that it’s impossible, but at the same time don’t think that your going to have someone doing cartwheels across the room on the first try either.
Telepathic suggestion will not give you total control over anyone, or even partial control. Just the slightest control really does the trick.

IV Beginning Telepathic Suggestion
Telepathic suggestion is not the easiest skill to learn. It takes a lot of dedication and practice. Are you prepared? Good, I should hope so, as otherwise you probably just wasted a decent amount of time reading the beginning of this article!

There are endless techniques and no technique seems to work for everyone.

Method 1: This is the version that probably works for the biggest majority of beginners, who start with it and progress to another method.
First, you push psi out of your third eye area (the space between your eyes) and connect it to your subject third eye area.
Second you hollow it out to just the shell.
Third, instead of sending or receiving thoughts, you will ping them with orders.

Method 2: This method is aimed at people who for some reason link in a way that’s unique to them.
First, link in whatever way you do.
Second, ping them with orders.

Method 3: This is for those of you who don’t link, or who want to use it on more than one person.
First, charge your body, and program the psi to ping everyone with orders.
Second, program the psi to radiate out from you in waves. I like the visualization of radio waves, or ocean waves, but what works best for me may be totally wrong for you.

V Furthering Your Telepathic Suggestion Career
There are many (obvious) ways to practice advanced telepathic suggestion. I have some suggestion to practice.
I have actually written another article called Practical Practice Ideas. There is a section on telepathy, and there is a wee bit on telepathic suggestion
You may also try making a psiball that will telepathically suggest things to people without occupying all your time. A wonderful idea (that I have personally tried) would be to do this and they set your waiter at a restaurant, to bring your check.
The cloaking shield is a real (and fictional) favorite made capable through telepathic suggestion.
In the beginner section of this article I always use pinging to describe the method of telepathic suggestion, but you are able to send more complex instructions to the subject. If you want to begin this you just start be clearing your mind. Then make up the complex instructions, and follow through with all of the techniques like usual, but when it comes time to ping, you just dump the instructions in, or if you prefer, send them in one instruction at a time. I personally like the ping better, but you might find this method to your liking.

VI Conclusion
Well…I’ve never done anything like this before. I hope this manual is up to par (though I wouldn’t put it in the ranks of Peebrain). I hope it was fun to read, but more importantly, I hope I got my facts straight.
Goodbye, and good luck in telepathic suggestion!

link: connecting your mind with another's. This is generally used in telepathy and empathy, but it can be used for many other abilities.
ping: sending short simple -often just one word- thoughts at a person.
telepathic suggestion: the use of telepathy to influence the thoughts or actions of another individual.
telepathy: the use of psi to detect or project thoughts.