Other Articles

Guide to Making a Good Theory by Confuded
Making theories is a complicated process. This is an article pioneering in the field of making theories.

Making a Site by JediKaren
This article outlines how to create a psionics site, with little or no experience.

Meditation by Tantalus
Meditation is something that troubles every psion, because it is complicated, boring, and time consuming, right? Nope, not according to this article.

Mental Blocks by Stolide Demens
Mental blocks hinder your psionic practise. They keep you from reaching your full potential. This article explains what they are, and how to get rid of them.

Micro Psychokinesis by ILuvEire
In layman's terms, micro psychokinesis (micro-pk) is the manipulation of chance. This article gives an explanation, and exercises designed to get the maximum performance in micro psychokinesis.

Precognition by Tantalus
Precognition is seeing the future. In this article Tantalus explains how to do it.

Psionics, How to Get Better Without Practise by Stolide Demens
No one likes practising, however they do want to learn the skill. This article gives 18 ways to practise psionics without even noticing that you are practising psionics.

Recharging Methods by ILuvEire
Energy manipulation (in fact all forms of psionics) is very straining on you. Soon you find that you are reaching your limits, energy wise. This article explains how to get back all that lost energy, as well as prevent it from happening next time.

So What's Up with Psi, Chi, and Qi? by ILuvEire
The mysterious 'other energies'. This article provides a basic handbook to what psi, chi, ki, and qi are.