Psionics, How To Get Better Without Practice

Stolide Demens

Psionics, how to get better without practice. Thats right something you actually want to know. You can get better without setting aside time to practice. Unfortunately there is a catch, you have to be willing to incorperate psi into everything you do. That means next time you want that person annoying to just shut up don't yell back, use telepathy, empathy, or some other form of psionics, to make him want to shut up.

So I have made a list of the obvious and not so obvious things you can do to get better without practice.


1. Ping people instead of tapping them on the shoulder.

2. Use telepathic suggestion to make people pick you first in sports.

3. When someone asks you a question they know the answer to, scan their mind for the right answer.

4. Broadcast when you are in a crowd and you want people to get out of your way.


1. Hot? Make a breeze.

2. Cold? heat yourself up by making your molecules vibrate faster.

3. Waiting in line? move small peices of paper or leaves around untill you are done waiting

4. Have a glass of water in hand and not doing anything? Move the water or ice around in circles.


1. Just feel other peoples moods when you are not doing anything.

2. Change people from bad modds to good.

Energy Manipualtion

1. Make random globs of psi when you aren't doing anything.

2. Waiting in line, or it's a somercial break? Try programming ten psi-men for small scale battles, that are both entertaing and good practice.

3. Overloaded? Ground yourself.

4. Tired? Fill yourself with energy, to wake yourself up.


1. When you aren't doing anything, try "seeing" whats right behind you.

2. Sense what and where everything will be everytime you open a door.

3. Sense everything around you when you don't need to really concentrate on something.


1. Just heal every little thing that happens to you.

There, now you have a list of 18 ways you can get better at psionics without practicing.