Guide to Making a Good Theory

Some people go and read several articles, for instance on TK. They think they know a lot and can go ahead and make a theories on how TK works. Guess what? They are wrong! Don't be one one of them. Yes, maybe I was one of them, but I learned. This article is dedicated to you, so you should learn from other peoples mistakes. This article assumes you can do some basic skills, like energy manipulation and know some Psionic basics.


First point, I would like to make is about Experience. If you have no experience with the skill which you wish to make a theory on, forget it. Good, or maybe all theories, have to be based on experience (and facts; later on that). Your theory will be destroyed
momentarily if there is no solid base. Good theories have a good base. A good base (Psionicly speaking) – is good practice (experience).

Experience doesn't have to be always be yours. If you have a good friend, for example, which you practice with every so often and you know he or she is trustworthy, you can use their experience as a base for your theory. Even people on the forum, for example. If they are known, respected members and trustworthy, you can be sure and take that experience as a base, but beware of exaduration! Some people like to exadurate. They are not lying, just making it sound like more than it is.


Any theory (not only in Psionics) has to take note of facts. Again, your theory will be destroyed if you don't take note of facts. Facts, don't have to be used as a base for your theory (experience is enough), but they are essential. What good is a theory, which contradicts a fact?

Where do you find facts? There isn't really a list of psionic facts, but you can either post on the forums or ask in chat rooms. I personally spend a lot of time on the forums (Psionline particularly) reading. If it seems that something is for a fact, I go make a thread or make a post asking the question.

Most, there aren't very many, facts are obvious: psi is known to travel as far as around the earth without loosing energy, everyone perceives psi differently and has different feelings (at least as beginners) etc..


When it comes to the main part, making a theory, you only require: common sense and logic. A theory is not something that pops into your head. You need to apply logic to it. Look over your notes, experiences and facts. Make sure they are all compatible and don't contradict each other.

If you aren't sure about the theory; feel it's wrong. Then you probably missed something out, haven't included. If you don't want to go back and redo the whole process, then go ahead and post it on the forums as a question, rather than a theory. I did it several times, when I wasn't sure or felt I didn't know something which others did.

There might be experiences which you don't know of; other people might have different results from their experiments. After all, you are making a theory not a law of psionics.


So here are the 3 main guidelines to follow, when making a theory:

1. Record your and other's experience.
2. Find out about existing psionic facts.
3. Apply logic and common sense.

I don't guaranty your theory will be perfect, there isn't really a perfect theory (then it would be a fact). But I do guaranty you that it would be a decent one. It would last for some time until someone gets different results or there would be a new fact...

Please don't criticize the article. It's, after all, my first article.
If you found any spelling errors or sentences written in bad English,
please PM me on psionline or psionicsvisionaries forums or email me
at Thank you and enjoy.